Reduce Veteran Suicide with Virtual Reality

Support a new way of thinking about metal health in the metaverse.

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2B3D Supporters Badge

Supporter Badge

Mint a Supporter Badge that represents your drive to help our mission to end PTSD. You can purchase one or many to get the Veteran's supporter role.

0.01 ETH

Unlimited Supply

2B3D Collectors Pass

Collectors Pass

Mint 1 of 2,880 in our first collection and become a core 2B3D NFT holder. Choosing this NFT will make you one of a limited number of core holders that are rewarded throughout our journey.

0.07 ETH

2,880 total

Join us and support those that put their lives on the line.

Owned and operated by military veterans, the 2B3D team is building the first-of-its-kind “virtual reality medical environment” to deliver live, mental health services to military veterans via the metaverse.

Project Roadmap

Mint Drop 1

Quarter 4 2022 | Collectors and Supporters NFT Mint

Our initial NFT drop is an opportunity to be early. Each coin has utility for upcoming games and airdrops. Our intention will forever be to reward you; these NFTs are key to the kingdom as we build out our VRx personalized virtual therapy and homerooms.

Mint Drop 1

Quarter 1 2023 | 2B3D VR Therapy Testing Begins

Select veterans will be invited to test our therapy features. We also plan to open a merch store for our community and begin working towards our Series A.

Mint Drop 1

Quarter 2 2023 | VR Buildout

We will offer avatar and gear customization within our VR environment, in addition to testing Crisis Rooms with select veterans.

Mint Drop 1

Quarter 3 2023 | 2B3D Space Station NFT Rooms Sale

The Kingston Space Station will become our community hub and the place for community events. NFT holders will also have the opportunity to own a private room. We will also be offering holders an exclusive demo of our Stormriders game and inviting them to beta-test our latest features.


Breaking Through with VRx

2B3D is a tech company creating breakthrough medical solutions with Virtual Reality (VR). Our primary focus is integration of medical treatments into our VR games to treat widespread, debilitating mental disorders. Currently in testing on patients with PTSD, our goal is to make this software widely available in current VR headsets in order to save lives. 2B3D is also tapping this same tech to create exciting VR, NFT, Crypto and Play-to Earn game projects to reward our investors and Web 3 community with fun, blockchain and VR education, and financial opportunities.

Leadership Team

Robert Bell

Robert Bell

Andrew Bjarnsen

Andrew Bjarnsen

Nathaniel Free

Nathaniel Free

Jim Geissler

Jim Geissler

Jake Bast

Jake Bast


Tamir Hussein


What is an NFT?

An NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs’ main functions are to be digital art and look cool, and some offer additional utility. Think of ours as a rare piece of art that demonstrates your support for diversity and inclusion in the tech community while also providing access to virtual events for holders.

How do you mint an NFT?

NFTs are created through a process called minting. On the Ethereum network, a command is run that creates the NFT as an immutable record, providing it with a unique hash containing all the metadata. The metadata stores key contextual information about your NFT, like its current ownership and transaction history. Sites, including and, allow you to view your NFT collection and NFTs in other collections.

When can I mint?

Public sale begins on Veterans Day, November 11, 2022, at 12 PM ET.

When is the reveal?

The Collectors Pass will be revealed 72 hours after minting ends, on November 14 at 12 PM ET. The Supporters Badge will be displayed immediately.

Who created the art?

The art for the Collectors Pass was created by an Army combat medic badge recipient with PTSD.

How much will they cost?

The Supporter Badge starts at 0.01 ETH with no limit on how many can be minted. The Collectors Pass cost is .07 ETH.

Is there a limit on how many we can mint?

There will be a per-wallet limit, further details will be announced before mint.

How many NFTs are available to mint?

You can mint an unlimited amount of the Supporter Badge. The number of available Collectors Passes is 2,880. The number stands for the 2,880 minutes where the average number of 44 veterans will take their own lives. Every minute counts.

How will you spend the money you raise?

The money will be spent to further the development of our VRME game. The more money we raise, the faster we can develop to support veterans in need. Please note supporting our project is not eligible for a tax write-off. Collectors Pass NFT funds will be used to fund the project and pay the contributors and artists. Supporters Badge funds will partially support the project, and we'll donate 30% to different Veteran non-profits and charities to help other projects towards assisting those that fought for us.

How do I access the game?

Your NFT will allow you to access our VR world once it's in beta. Please join our Discord to be part of our initial round of users.

Is this mint the only chance to participate in The Genesis Project NFT or 2B3D?

If you miss the mint, you can buy The Genesis Project NFTs on secondary exchanges like Opensea. Stay up to date by joining our Discord and checking Twitter announcements.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please join our Discord community and access the resources page for support links.